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St Nicholas

Church of England Primary School

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Class 5

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Autumn Term 2018

In science this term we have been learning about properties and changes of materials. The children have completed lots of investigations, discovering more about solids, liquids and gases, building on their knowledge from previous years - including making a solid of their own. They also had the tricky challenge of separating a mixture of salt and sand with only a limited selection of equipment to use - learning about dissolving and evaporation in the process.


Our RE focus this term has been 'God'. The children have been thinking about the qualities and traits God possesses in order for others to follow him. The children also took part in a small debate thinking about whether people would rather follow a Holy God or a Forgiving God. The children had to think very deeply about this. This topic opened up great discussion and analysis from the children.


Our history topic this term has been the Victorians. Within our literacy lessons we have been reading Street Child by Berlie Doherty which is loosely based on the true story of Jim Jarvis - who was the boy who inspired Dr Barnardo to open up his children homes. Inspired by the story the children created many wonderful pieces of writing. They also independently researched Dr Barnardo and created excellent fact files on his extraordinary life. I have made a recommendation to the children to read the sequel to this book 'Far From Home' by Berlie Doherty - which follow's the story of Jim's sisters - so they can discovered what often happen to girls during the Victorian era. 


Linked to our Victorian topic - we visited Kent Life in Maidstone for an Victorian themed day. The children all looked great in their outfits and spent the day learning about what life was like in the 1800s.

Victorian School Room
Wash Day










The actors really brought the learning to life for the children. When we returned to school, the children created promotional leaflets to try to convince others to go...