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St Nicholas

Church of England Primary School

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An Introduction to St Nicholas PTA by the Headteacher J.C.Paddington
“When the relationship formed between the parent and school is based on trust, support and a desire to work together, then the outcome for each child can only be the very best.”
At St Nicholas CE Primary School we are fortunate to have an active and thriving Parent Teacher Association know as the “St Nicholas PTA” and I am proud to be its president.
Every parent with a child attending the school is automatically a member of the PTA and there are a variety of options open to parents to manifest their involvement including serving on the core committee, assisting with fundraising and social activities, helping to supervise the children to their many out of school activities and clubs and by representing groups of parents with children in the same class for a variety of purposes.

PTA Committee 2017/2018:

Role                                                                     Name

Co-Chair                                                              Jo Rowe

Co-Chair                                                               Pam Manfo-Marc

Treasurer                                                              Ellie Parker (Cheryl Cartwright assisting)

Secretary                                                              Jo Rowe

Donations,  Website & PTA Platform               Carina McEntire

Marketing Materials                                           Helen Baylis

Ball Committee                                                    Solveig Leonard

Bar & Event-Set-up Co-ordinator                       Paul Davis

Pantomime                                                           Paula Donovan and Karen Jenner

Bonfire Night                                                        Karen Jenner & Pam Manfo-Marc

Easter Egg Hunt                                                   Denise Brander, Jo Rowe & Alison Thomas

Break the Rules                                                    Irene Gough & Lizzie Lamb

Fashion Event                                                      Karen Jenner

Party in the Pit Team                                           Natasha Moore & Rebecca Ross

School Uniform & Lost Property                       Vicky Flynn, Kate Murdock-Smith & Nina Balachander-


Film Nights and Christmas Parties -                Anna Barlow, Kate Murdock-Smith, Nina Balachander-

                                                                                Groves & Linsey Salter

Mothers Day Secret Room                                Jane Epps

Christmas Cards                                                 Marisa Alexander

Class Reps YR                                                     Emma Floyd & Evelyn Medcalfe

Class Reps Y1                                                     Michele Sumner & Sue White

Class Reps Y2                                                     Sophie Deppe & Jude Mladek

Class Reps Y3                                                     Jen Piper & Marian Skillen

Class Reps Y4                                                     Olessya Johnson & Kathy Tormann

Class Reps Y5                                                     Jen Piper & Debi Warde

Class Reps Y6                                                     Denise Brander, Antonia Garcia & Jo Rowe