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2017 Mothers Day Secret Room

 (Or Grandmother/Carer/Aunty)

The Mother’s Day Secret Room is fast approaching.

The success of this event however relies on donations from parents, so please see if you already have anything around your house that would be suitable or if not consider popping something into your shopping basket when you are next out and about.  We like toiletries, candles, chocolates (in life), nik naks, jewellery all in great/new condition.  Please remember to donate a gift along with the £3 for your child to purchase a gift, as we do not want to use the PTA funds to purchase gifts to ensure there's enough to go round. 

All donations can be passed to Jane Epps or class reps please.  Or even the school office to allow time to wrap them. 

HOW DOES IT WORK? For those of you that are new to the school, this is how the secret room works:  You sign your child up by completing the attached form.  Then on the Friday before Mother's Day, your child will come along with their class mates to the secret room.  Here they get to look at all the gifts that have been donated and choose the one that they think you would like the most.  They take it home hidden in their school bag and you get a lovely surprise on Mother’s Day.

The children love participating in this event and always put a lot of effort into choosing what they think are the right gifts, so please support this PTA event for us.