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St Nicholas

Church of England Primary School

Class 2

Please find recommended reading lists for KS1 at the bottom of this page.

Spring 2018

Year 4 shared their homemade stories with us and we had great fun listening to them.  What wonderful writers they are!

As part of our science learning we explored the pit and made a tally chart of the living, never been alive and dead things we could find in the pit. 

Linked to our class story The Princess and the White Bear King, we made our own crowns trying to see if we could make them brighter than the sun itself. 





And the winner was...Maksymilian

Autumn Term 2017

We had so much fun on our 'Pen Down' days, baking, painting and role-play.  Our greatest achievement was our whole class Jackson Pollock painting.  Great job Year 2!