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Raise the Roof

Following the approval of the school’s exciting development plans, the governors and a group of volunteers have formed a committee in order to raise the funds needed. The build is due to start in May of this year so time is of the essence. The details and plans were available for parents to see at the last PTA meeting, information is available on request and and the plans can be found below.

Aquinas have agreed to partially fund the project which will cover the new entrance and reception, however, the funding for the development of the upstairs area and any furnishings and new equipment required will need to be raised separately.

Bearing in mind that the PTA still need to inject £30k of cash annually for the general running of the school, the extra amount needed is £130k, so an official fundraiser called ‘Raise the Roof’ has been set up in order to raise these extra funds.

The campaign, orchestrated by the governors lead by Donna Bompas, will be aimed at the whole community, and we have some excellent volunteers on board including past parents and pupils (including Pixie Lott!) and local businesses such as JDM are playing a large part in organising events and helping to raise the funds too.

As our children are the ones that will benefit the most from the new developments, we are requesting that all parents please put in the extra effort this year if you can, to help, support and attend our regular PTA events as well as supporting Raise the Roof. The two fundraisers will run side by side and benefit each other.

A brochure will soon be available detailing ways that you can help with Raise the Roof including events organised, plus other items to sponsor or buy for the build. In the meantime please sign up for all our regular PTA events including the ball on the 19th of May! We'd also love to hear from you if you have a talent that you are willing to auction as one of our ball prizes.

Thank you.

PTA & 'Raise the Roof' committees