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St Nicholas

Church of England Primary School

School Gateway

Year 4

w/c 18th May, 2020

Dear Year 4,

The learning menu and files are below with all of the worksheets and information you will need for this week's activities.  Maths will be different this week as the material supplied by White Rose Hb (WRH) is based on maths we have covered recently in class. You may of course look at the WRH videos provided but I have provided some Fractions problem solving and reasoning questions instead. There are the weekly times tables test and assigned Mathletics activities, some extra maths ideas, Summer 1 Week 5 challenge questions, the weekly number challenge and a game of Dots and Crosses to play.  Answers to the worksheets are provided. 

This week, we continue with our text lessons - see English Summer Week 5 - and our RE Hinduism topic (see The Blind Men and The Elephant), which also links to the Computing purplemash activity. Science is a Pitch investigation as part of our Sound topic and for Geography, you will be investigating the journey of tap water from reservoir to your house and back.  You will find a new French sheet (L'argent de poche) below and the 5-star book list  has been updated with recently received reviews (thanks). 

In the learning grid you will see a link to the Hay Festival website that is providing a programme for  schools created especially for learning at home, bringing authors straight from their house to yours. 

Keep up the hard work, have a great week, stay safe.

Best regards

Mrs Fuller