St Nicholas Church of England Primary School

Extra-Curricular Clubs

We have a wide range of extra- curricular clubs on offer.

At St Nicholas, we believe that extra-curricular activities give pupils a lot of opportunities to explore their existing interests or discover entirely new ones, develop talents, acquire a number of fun and useful skills, as well as contribute through important social activities.
Above all, extracurricular clubs allow pupils to learn how to perform in a team context, take initiative and share group responsibility, build better focus and perseverance through competition, and enhance their attitude towards differences.
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Before School KS2 Orchestra KS2 Choir Year 5 & 6 Coding Club
Lunch Time Girls Football
Year 4 & 5 French
Leading Lights
Year 3 French
Boys Football
Year 1 French
KS2 x-country
Year 2 French
KS2 Typing Club
After School

Years 4-6 Dance Club

KS1 Lego Club

KS1 Football
Years 4-6 Basketball

KS2 Football
KS1 Art Club

Spotlights Theatre club

KS2 Cricket & rugby