St Nicholas Church of England Primary School


Computers and technology are constantly evolving. At St Nicholas, we want to give children an education in computing that is engaging and keeps them at the forefront of technology. Our aim is to educate our pupils about the foundations of computing, including the core aspects of computational thinking. Pupils will understand how key processes such as sequencing, decomposition, abstraction and algorithms form the basis of all coding and computing.

Our computing curriculum is designed to be both exciting and progressive. Pupils will work with a range of devices and sometimes without any device at all. They will be given a steady and varied diet of learning that covers the core domains of information technology, computer science and digital literacy. By learning about the history of computing and the inner workings of networks and computers, pupils will be prepared to be part of the journey into the future of computing. By progressing through our curriculum, pupils will gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to be creative and innovative in computing. They will gain a sense that their work in the classroom is relevant and valuable in contexts outside in the real world. 

Also embedded in our computing curriculum is a drive to instil in our pupils a sense of digital responsibility and an awareness of all aspects of online safety. We will show our pupils how life changing technology can be, as well as all the opportunities for the future it brings with it, but we will not underestimate the potential pitfalls and dangers of living in a world connected by the Internet.


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