St Nicholas Church of England Primary School


Our overarching intent is help children to feel that they are musical and to develop a life-long love of music. Our focus is on developing the skills, knowledge and understanding that children need to become confident performers, composers, and listeners.

Our curriculum introduces children to music from all around the world and across generations, teaching children to respect and appreciate the music of all traditions and communities.

Across all key stages, children have a range of opportunities to experience live musical performances and to take part in musical performances.

Music is important and an integral part to the life of the school. Extracurricular activities, such as orchestra, choir and peripatetic music lessons, also provide children with experience of making music.

We are passionate that no child should miss out due to any financial barriers and therefore all children eligible to free school meals are entitled to funded music clubs and peripatetic instrument lessons.

Priorities 22-23

Priorities for this academic year: 

  • To support all teachers to be more confident in delivering the music curriculum and start whole class instrument teaching in Year 3 and catch-up in Year 4.  

  • Plan and prepare for the National Plan for Music Education to be introduced Sept 2023. 

  • Investigate and plan a musical evening in the Spring Term and to create a 2 to 3 year overview of all events and performance pieces used in KS1 & KS2. 


Click here to view the whole-school Progression map for Music KS1.

Click here to view the whole-school Progression map for Music KS2.